Travelling to Malta

Travelling to Malta

Being an island in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, Malta boasts a vast list of leading scheduled and low-cost airlines which operate all year to this destination. All major European cities offer direct return flights to Malta. Besides travelling by air, one can also travel by sea and benefit from offers which are available from leading companies.

Nowadays large cruise liners visit the island frequently and one can also benefit from this opportunity.

Airlines serving the Malta International Airport

Below is a non exhaustive list of airlines that operate to the Maltese Islands:

Direct Flights to the Malta International Airport

Amsterdam, The Netherlands3h 0mAir Malta, Transavia
Athens, Greece1h 40mAir Malta
Barcelona, Spain2h 0mVueling
Bari, Italy1h 25mRyanair
Basel, Switzerland2h 15mairberlin
Belfast, UK3h 40measyJet
Benghazi, Libya1h 25mAir Malta
Billund, Denmark3h 20mRyanair
Birmingham, UK3h 20mRyanair
Bologna, Italy1h 50mRyanair
Bournemouth, UK3h 15mRyanair
Bristol, UK3h 20mRyanair
Budapest, Hungary2h 12mWizz Air, Air Malta
Cairo, Egypt3h 0mEgyptAir
Catania, Italy0h 40mAir Malta
City of Brussels, Belgium2h 45mAir Malta
Cologne, Germany2h 45mairberlin
Copenhagen, Denmark3h 20mNorwegian
Dublin, Ireland3h 50mRyanair
Düsseldorf, Germany2h 47mAir Malta, Condor
Edinburgh, UK3h 55mRyanair
Eindhoven, The Netherlands2h 55mRyanair
Frankfurt, Germany2h 33mLufthansa, Air Malta, Condor
Geneva, Switzerland2h 5mAir Malta
Girona, Spain2h 0mRyanair
Glasgow, UK3h 40mRyanair
Gothenburg, Sweden3h 15mRyanair
Hamburg, Germany3h 2mAir Malta, TUIfly
Hanover, Germany2h 55mTUIfly
Istanbul, Turkey2h 32mAir Malta, Turkish
Kaunas, Lithuania3h 25mRyanair
Kraków, Poland2h 40mRyanair
Larnaca, Cyprus2h 55mEmirates
Leeds, UK3h 35mRyanair
Liverpool, UK3h 35mRyanair
London, UK3h 10mAir Malta, Ryanair, easyJet
Luxembourg2h 35mLuxair
Lyon, France2h 5mAir Malta
Madrid, Spain2h 42mRyanair
Manchester, UK3h 22measyJet, Air Malta
Marseille, France1h 55mAir Malta, Ryanair
Milan, Italy2h 1mAir Malta, Ryanair
Moscow, Russia4h 17mAir Malta
Munich, Germany2h 15mAir Malta, Lufthansa, airberlin
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK3h 35measyJet
Nottingham, UK3h 10mMonarch
Nuremberg, Germany2h 30mairberlin
Oslo, Norway3h 55mRyanair
Paris, France2h 41mAir Malta, Transavia
Pisa, Italy1h 45mRyanair
Prague, Czech Republic2h 30mAir Malta
Riga, Latvia3h 40mAir Baltic
Rome, Italy1h 26mAir Malta, Alitalia
Saint Petersburg, Russia4h 20mAir Malta
Seville, Spain2h 45mRyanair
Stockholm, Sweden3h 50mSAS, Ryanair
Stuttgart, Germany2h 20mairberlin
Toulouse, France2h 15mAir France
Trapani, Italy0h 50mRyanair
Tripoli, Libya1h 2mAir Malta, Libyan
Tunis, Tunisia1h 10mTunisair
Turin, Italy2h 5mRyanair
Valencia, Spain2h 15mRyanair
Venice, Italy2h 0mRyanair
Vienna, Austria2h 15mAir Malta
Wroclaw, Poland2h 45mRyanair
Zurich, Switzerland2h 15mAir Malta

We understand that flights from certain destinations may operate on specific dates only and therefore we do allow courses to commence on days other than Monday to make up for this problem that students might encounter.

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