English Courses for Teenagers in Malta

English Courses for Teenagers

ECS Young Learners Programme Malta - All Inclusive Packages

YOUNG LEARNERS love fun English language learning activities and that is just what you can expect from ECS YOUNG LEARNERS Paradise Bay, all inclusive residential programmes. We offer a full residential programme (activities, lessons, accommodation and supervision) or you can just purchase the course (lessons only).

ECS Young Learners Programme Malta

Our YOUNG LEARNERS centre offers a variety of activities and facilities in a great location and you are sure to have a fun learning experience. We run two completely separate programmes, one for Juniors (10 – 13 yrs) and another for Teens (14 – 16 yrs).

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General English Course for Teens - Course Only Package

An average of 10 students in class and focusing on grammar structure, pronunciation, vocabulary and communication skills. For more details click here.

Executive Teen English Course - Course Only Package

Designed around the individual needs of each learner

  • One to One - One Student per Teacher
  • Two to One - Two Students per Teacher (Must be booked by 2 people together of the same level)

These Teenager English courses introduce and enhance English Language learning in an enjoyable way and a strong rapport is usually built between teachers and students so much so that many choose to come again. In addition to the morning classes we also offer excursions in the afternoons, evenings and on weekends to places of interest and beaches. This programme provides further interaction for teens of various nationalites and offers a truly profitable stay.

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