Testimonial from a Spanish Student

English Student: Manuel Gomez from Spain

This is the Testimonial of Manuel Gomez, an English Student from Spain, who attendend the General Adult English Course for 3 weeks at your English Language School in Malta.

Transcript of Manuel’s Testimonial

Hello my name is Manuel, I am Spanish. I arrived a day in Malta in April and I started to do Leonardo da Vinci program.

During the three months when I finished this program I went back to Spain and eleven days after I came back again to do an English Course and I think it is a good experience.

I choose Malta for the weather because the weather is very similar to Spain and I can combine the studies and the free time in here and I think that it also is good experience for my studies because I finish my studies in October, Engineer of Construction, and I think that for me, for my career it is ok.

I am learning a lot.

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