Free Online Advanced English Language Test

Advanced English Test

Question 1

Not only she went
went she
did she go
to Edinburgh but she also visited many other places in Scotland.

Question 2

My sister entirely
regretted turning down his offer of marriage.

Question 3

Now remember, you are not staring
are not to start
haven't started
the test until the teacher tells you to.

Question 4

She wasn't tall enough
so tall
as tall
to reach the top cupboard.

Question 5

He was thought to catch
to have caught
the disease in Thailand.

Question 6

My house needs redecorating
to redecorate
as soon as possible. It's in an awful state.

Question 7

He eventually managed open
to open
the door by kicking it hard.

Question 8

There's no point on
staying up all night if your exam is tomorrow.

Question 9

Rarely I read
do I read
I have read
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