Free Online Upper Intermediate English Language Test

Upper Intermediate English Test

Question 1

When Trevor arrived at the disco, Hannah already left
has already left
had already left

Question 2

If I didn't go
haven't gone
hadn't gone
on holiday to Ireland, I wouldn't have met Hylda.

Question 3

By the time you get this postcard I will have left
am going to leave
would leave

Question 4

A: What are you doing tonight? B: I'm not sure, I will go
would go
might go
to the disco.

Question 5

John forgot turn off
turning off
to turn off
the lights before he left.

Question 6

It's no use to speak
to him. He doesn't listen.

Question 7

Ruth was offered the job despite
even though
having poor qualifications.

Question 8

The offer was too good for Matthew to turn off

Question 9

Tom's father warned him not to stay
not stay
not staying
out late again.

Question 10

If only I went
had gone
did go
to the party instead of staying at home.
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